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QUICK JUMP POINT:  You can jump to the page that contains full information about each of our screensavers by clicking on the thumbnails below. You will be taken to the page containing that screensavers information and a download link to the screensaver.  

All of our screensavers have a "Configure" function. This control panel allows you to change the transition effects, uninstall the program and turn off the sound. You can access this function from the windows "Start" button under the name of the screensaver you have installed.

Bad Girls Widescreen Screensaver
Wicked Women Screensaver
Real Visions Screensaver

Potions Class Screensaver
Metal Madness Screensaver
Most Requested #1

Pretty Pirates Widescreen Screensaver Sexy Steampunk Girls Widescreen Screensaver  
Pretty Pirates 3 Screensaver
Sexy Steampunk Screensaver
Coming Soon

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